Economic Comparison

I realize that the comparison has been made a thousand times, but it did not sink in for me until I did the math myself. The government is mandated by the Constitution to have a postal service. I understand the need for one. What I do not understand is why our government chooses to do it so inefficiently.

For a moment, imagine that the United States Postal Service is just another shipping company. Now imagine that we, the taxpayers, are actually shareholders in that company.

Here are some facts regarding the financials in the 2nd quarter of 2012.

  • FedEx Revenue: $10.59 Billion resulting in $459 Million Net Income.
  • UPS Revenue: $13.35 Billion resulting in $1.12 Billion Net Income.
  • United States Postal Service Revenue: $15.62 Billion resulting in $5.19 Billion Net Loss.

Only the government can take in $2-5 Billion more in revenue, and still end up billions in the hole.

These are the people who think they can make health care affordable?

And, for the record, yes I do know that Postal Service does not actually run on taxpayer money. It’s run “as a business” on the money it earns. The point of the matter is, even when operating at a revenue within the same ball park as their private sector counterparts, they cannot make a profit.

Now take our taxpayer money, and invest it into a government agency, and see what happens. We will be pouring money into something that will grow more and more in debt, adding to our overall deficit. Look at what is happening with Medicare and Social Security.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why this presidential race is as close as it is. President Obama can only blame Bush for so long, but the fact remains that the Democrats led by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have increased spending, and increased the overall debt of this nation. Their only argument is to tax the rich people more because they need to pay their “Fair Share.” With the above statistics, I am not convinced that more revenue will result in anything but more spending.

And that’s my two cents…