Dear Society,

I am a Christian. Its not because I belong to any specific church or denomination. Its not because I follow any specific set of rules or guidelines. Its not because I give money, or preach, or sing, or play drums, or perform miracles. Its not even because I read my Bible. I am a Christian because I believe that there is a God who created us all. And that He sent His son to die a cruel humiliating death on a Cross so that I could have a chance at Eternal Life in heaven with my creator.

With that being said, My Jesus is not a bigot. He does not hate anyone. He doesn’t hate Muslims. He doesn’t hate gay people. He doen’t hate liars and adulterers. He doesn’t hate murderers. And it its not my place as a Christian to hate them ether. I love them as He does. I accept them as fellow humans, and children of a King. There are many people I do not agree with. I may not condone their action or lifestyles. But its not my place to judge them or cast them into eternal damnation.

The ridiculous statements and actions by “Christians” over the years are not representative of My God. Or Me. The idiotic statements of “Preachers” claiming the end of the world on a specific date and time are false. The Bible tells of such lies and rumors. Its to be expected and it is wrong. No one knows the time or date, not even Jesus Christ himself. Only God knows. And while generations have claimed that they were living in the end times, I personally believe God is waiting for the TRUE Christians to rise up. Stop being hypocrites. There are too many people out there without hope, and without love, without acceptance. We have a job to do. And its not to “save sinners.” It’s to love them, and show them who we are in Christ. Let God handle the rest.

With that being said, I love you all. And feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me at anytime.


Chris Anderson

P.S. This just came to me at 2 AM so if its a little rambling, I apologize. I just felt the need to share my heart.